Not This Shit Again

but the low is what i came for
and to bask in the darkness i do adore

bottom of the battle to the black lagoon,
i see ‘em linin’ up to howl at the moon

poor dumb lovesick nerd and Object of Affections. sorry kira 2.0

here’s the collab picture of Reese’s BLU scout, Ray! sketch by me, lines by reese, and colors/shading/background by cait

reese, cait, and i did a big three-way collab thing with tf2 ocs! as you do. and i’ll be posting up the picture i sketched (and reese lined, and cait colored) shortly

I could, uh…
I could build a…
I could build a uh-!
I could build a spaceship!

t w o h o u r s o f s w o r d v a n
(and Mad Sounds)

We’ll finish what we started
So promise me that they’ll fall

(thanks to those of you that came to the stream!)